Car Oil Types

What Types of Motor Oil Are There?

A number of types of motor oil are available for your routine oil changes through Reliable Hyundai. Whether you want to use an affordable conventional oil or you'd rather invest in synthetic, our certified technicians can make an appropriate recommendation based on the following criteria:

  • Where you live
  • How you drive
  • How much mileage does your vehicle have
  • The age of your engine
  • The information in your owner's manual

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

While synthetic oil may cost a bit more than the other options at Reliable Hyundai, the benefits it brings are worth the investment. This oil provides high viscosity ratings along with a strong resistance to oxidation and sludge formation. If you pay close attention, you may find that your efficiency numbers go up.

We recommend a fully synthetic motor oil to vehicle owners who will be doing a lot of driving between different climates. Going from really hot to cold and back again warrants the use of better quality oil.

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

A synthetic blend motor oil comprises a conventional product combined with synthetic oil (and additives). The additives protect against oxidation, and this is a much more affordable option than straight synthetic.

Conventional Motor Oil

This is a commonly used motor oil because of its affordability for vehicles that aren't driven long distances in between oil changes. A standard engine inclusion benefits from conventional oil, and a consistent climate is what you should be experiencing when using this oil.

High Mileage Motor Oil

Once your vehicle is creeping up towards 75,000 miles or so, we recommend switching to a high mileage oil that contains certain additives that have the age of your car in mind. You can also reduce the amount of oil your vehicle uses with high mileage oil, lowering the emissions output your vehicle experiences. Special seal conditioners are added to protect your engine against oil leaks.

Reach out to Reliable Hyundai in Springfield if you would like to learn more about the different types of motor oil that we can use for your upcoming maintenance appointment. We can answer any questions that you may have regarding oil changes or other routine maintenance that your vehicle may need in the near future.

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