What to Do if My Car's Satellite Radio Is Not Working

Here are some tips you can use if your satellite radio is not working. By reading this guide, you will learn how to troubleshoot a satellite radio properly and how to avoid problems after repairing it. This information will be of interest when you get started working on the repair of a satellite radio system.

What Should I Be Looking For?

You will discover there are a few parts that offer you the capability to utilize a satellite radio. Initially, you will need the head unit. The head unit is the car radio in your dashboard.

Subsequently, it is necessary to have a satellite radio antenna, which happens to be more often than not a short rectangular component with dimensions that are equal to approximately 2 inches by 2 inches. This satellite radio antenna component is generally installed just in the front of the windscreen. Lastly, you will need the automobile’s tuner. That component attaches to the head appliance utilizing a particular cable.

Where is the Tuner Located?

The satellite antenna attaches to the automobile tuner, at the same time. Sometimes the problem is that a vehicle tuner is not there, or is not appended appropriately. Remember, it happens to be the port in the head device which makes your car radio satellite radio ready.

Starting Out

Make sure your seats and the center console are covered to prevent damage. Before starting, make sure that you have also discharged any static electricity. Also, before beginning any work, first position your car in a stable location and disconnect the negative cable from the battery to avoid a short circuit.

Remove the trim panel with a plastic tool. This trim covers the radio and the A / C controller extending along the front of the board and usually has six attachment clips. Remove the screws. Remove the back panel. Be very careful with the radio. It is also best to bring a smartphone to take pictures at every step.

Using a multimeter, determine the primary voltage of your vehicle by inserting one of the points in the bottom of the cigarette lighter (the positive 12V) and the other on the periphery of the cigarette lighter in the lighter socket. Do this with the key on the contact (generally the cigarette lighter cannot operate with the contact cut). Therefore, the next step is to probe all the wires with a multimeter.

Check the grounding with a multimeter. Lift the midpoints on the left and right sides of the panel. Check the resistance of the cables, and it must be correct. Otherwise, the contacts on the cable have not been well insulated.

Important Note About The Battery:

Before starting the repair phase, be sure that you have removed the negative (-) terminal of the vehicle battery. When the car stereo comes out of its location, please be gentle.

For some models the supplied cable allows you to pass a yellow wire on the red wire via a terminal to have only one wire to connect for both. Once the connections are made behind the car radio, check that they are working correctly and insert it into the metal frame. Insert these two metal rods into the holes provided for this purpose on the left and right of the radio, until you hear a click.

Each speaker is also associated with a pair of wires (which it is better to connect correctly). Also, remember to reconnect the battery after testing the cables.

If you need further assistance with your satellite radio, you can contact us and request more information. If you schedule service, we would be happy to get it in working order for you.

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