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The Arc of the Ozarks is a group committed to helping those with disabilities direct their own lives while being viewed as valued members of society. This is accomplished by empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. This is one of the core beliefs of the Arc of the Ozarks.

One way that this organization serves the community is through its Family Advocacy Office. They specialize in community events, community resources, self-advocacy training, and assistive technology resources. The team also puts on Disability Awareness presentations and training, with topics including TDB, autism, and dual diagnosis.

The Crownhaven Apartments exist to help promote independent living for those with developmental disabilities. They are provided supervision and support while also getting to meet their independent goals. Services provided to those living in the Crownhaven Apartments include physical assistance, protective oversight, environmental adaptions, and training.

Also provided by The Arc of the Ozarks are several Education and Recreation Programs. These programs help broaden social skills while also encouraging independence and being a lot of fun. The programs, which cover a wide range of interests, are held at the Timothy Grant Newport Activity Center. This well-equipped center has a gymnasium as well as a heated swimming pool complete with its own lifeguard. The center includes equipment for helping those with different abilities participate in the different activities offered. The goal is to allow everyone the opportunity to join in.

If you'd like to learn more about The Arc of the Ozarks and its various programs, please visit their website (www.thearcoftheozarks.org) for more information and further details.

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