Hyundai Ready For Spring

After battling snow, sleet, and ice, your Hyundai deserves some attention in the spring. You might think that summer's long road trips are the most taxing on your car. But the cold temperatures, bad roads, and salt of winter are equally bad, if not worse. Therefore, it's important to clean up your car in the spring. Some maintenance like cleaning the interior you can do on your own. But for other maintenance, you'll have to visit a professional. Here is the basic care your Hyundai needs.

Change Your Oil

The oil in your car should be changed approximately every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Some cars can go for longer periods of time between oil changes, especially if they use synthetic oil. Regardless of what kind of oil your car takes, however, it's a good idea to have your car evaluated in the spring. Cold weather can make the oil more viscous and in make it easier for sludge to build up in the system. Cracks and leaks can also develop. A mechanic can look for these problems. You might also need a different oil for warmer weather.

Wiper Inspection Helps Prevent Accidents

Sheets of ice that develop on your windshield are tough on the wiper blades. The wipers can also accumulate salt, sand, and snow particles. If they get trapped in between the wiper and the windshield, you'll end up with smears. Sometimes your windshield wipers just get dirty. However, they can also become worn out. If simply cleaning the wipers does not help, it's time to get your Hyundai new wipers.

When Should I Check My Tire Pressure?


Every time the temperature drops 10ºF your tires lose air. This means that unless you have a tire pressure monitoring system, you can end up driving around on under-inflated tires. The tires can also take a beating from potholes and frost heaves. By the time spring arrives, your tires should be checked to be sure they are properly inflated and have sufficient tread.

If you had seasonal tires put on for winter, make sure your regular tires are still good for driving on in the spring. If you're not sure how to check their tread depth, a mechanic can perform a detailed inspection to see how much life they have left. While your car is in for a tire check, we'll see if it needs to have the alignment adjusted as well.

Should I Consider Body Repair?

Over time, most cars develop blemishes on their exterior. This might not seem like more than an eyesore, but the salt and cold weather of winter can cause these small areas to get larger and eventually rust. You might be able to remove scratches by yourself. But if you can't, bring your car in to have a professional clean up the surface.

Underbody Wash Can Help Things Stay Clean

Come spring, one of the first things you probably want to do is hook up the hose and wash off your car. This will help remove debris from the exterior, but getting salt off the undercarriage is even more important. For that, you'll need to bring your car to a car wash facility that uses nozzles for a thorough cleaning.

Whether you'll just be commuting or you're planning a springtime road trip, it's critical to get your Hyundai checked out in the spring. The winter season can take a toll on your car, and its effects might not even be apparent to you. We look forward to getting your vehicle back in top shape. Call or contact us online today for an appointment.

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