Hyundai N Line Unveils Two New Concepts  

When it comes to making affordable and reliable cars, Hyundai has established a solid reputation in North America. As this Asian auto brand competes in the American marketplace, customers should take note of upcoming releases. The N Line division has recently unveiled some preliminary plans for two concepts that may arrive on the market in 2025. Such a badge indicates a high-performance design for leisurely and competitive driving. The next-generation N Line models will take advantage of the Electric-Global Modular Platform for efficient and spirited handling.

Exploring All-New Concept Cars From Hyundai

The RN22e will be one of the most ambitious passenger vehicles ever launched by Hyundai. This model will adopt the corporate-developed E-GMP architecture for superb performance and efficiency. Interestingly, some of the vehicle's parts will be produced by 3-D printing instead of conventional production methods at assembly plants. When you examine the mechanical design of the RN22e, you'll notice a wide assortment of innovative hardware. For instance, four-piston calipers optimize the car's already sporty character. Regenerative braking will provide much more than just recycled energy during a ride. According to initial projections, the RN22e will tap into approximately 430 kW from multiple electric motors. Storing 77.4 kWh, a rechargeable battery pack is another essential component in the propulsion system. This powerful battery operates between 400 V and 800 V for rapid charging. Additionally, this premium Hyundai model will have the N Sound+ technology that generates unique acoustics in sync with the real-time driving dynamics. If you use an approved charging source, you can recharge the RN22e's battery capacity in just 18 minutes.

Taking inspiration from Hyundai's traditional design, the N Vision 74 will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. It takes just 5 minutes to completely refill the car's tank with the appropriate grade of hydrogen from certified stations. A three-channel cooling system keeps this efficient vehicle operating at optimal levels. You'll get more than 500 kW from the unorthodox powerplant on this all-new Hyundai car. A 62.4-kWh battery pack provides a steady source of electrical energy for sporty driving. Based on initial estimates from the manufacturer, the N Vision 74 will deliver a range of approximately 375 miles. In terms of exterior styling, this model has a unique Parametric Pixel lighting system.

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