Hyundai Digital Key, Key Fob and Key Card  

The Hyundai Digital Key is one of the most advanced technologies available for passenger cars in North America. Designed for Android smartphones, this all-new feature provides more convenience and safety for owners of select Hyundai models.

Enjoy More Freedom and Convenience With the Hyundai Digital Key

Designed with smartphone users in mind, the Hyundai Digital Key made a debut in the 2020 Sonata sedan. This all-new technology is expected to expand into other new models on the company's extensive lineup. The signature feature is currently compatible only with a device that runs on the Android operating system. More specifically, your smartphone needs to have the Android Nougat 7.0 OS or a higher version. Your mobile device should also work with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Additionally, Near Field Communication (NFC) compatibility is required for the Hyundai Digital Key. If the smartphone only meets the Bluetooth and NFC requirements, you will have limited access to the HDK.

Driver Using Hyundai Digital Key  

As a Hyundai car owner, you could officially register for an account in the Hyundai suite. As a verified member of this portal, you may sync your compatible Android device with the HDK. A valid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must be entered into the appropriate forms on the MyHyundai interface. You will then be ready to download the Hyundai Digital Key application from the Google Play Store. Remember to keep the original HDK Smart Card that came with your new Hyundai vehicle's purchase or lease. To access the digital key's full functionality, you must enter a four-digit PIN into the main interface of the mobile app. Once inside the vehicle, the Android device could be paired with the infotainment system.

For example, the wireless charging pad automatically pairs the Hyundai Digital Key app with your mobile device. The navigation system's touch screen in the dashboard will verify the pairing in real-time. However, some Hyundai models that don't come with a navigation platform will show the pairing events in the instrument cluster. Hyundai strongly recommends that drivers carry the NFC Card as an alternative for unlocking the vehicle. This physical card must be paired with the NFC and Bluetooth interface inside the cockpit. The Hyundai Digital Key comes with other security features that are designed for families. For instance, you can share the digital key with up to three other authorized people. The Hyundai account has an option for registering other users who have compatible Android smartphones.

Our Hyundai dealership will help you set up the Hyundai Digital Key on your Android device. Visit us to explore Hyundai models that offer this innovative digital technology.