2019 Hyundai Elantra MPG

Whether you spend time on the road when commuting or use your car for running errands around town, each mile that you drive determines the amount of fuel that you use. For many car owners, it can be easy to spend hundreds of dollars of fuel each month. If you're looking to maximize your car's MPG this year, there are a few main tips to follow that will prove to be effective.

Perform the Necessary Maintenance

As a car owner, you'll need to get in the habit of performing routine maintenance on your vehicle throughout the year to ensure that it can remain as fuel efficient as possible. Routine maintenance includes rotating the tires, adding air to the tires every few weeks, and getting the vehicle serviced regularly with the help of a local mechanic. Check your owner's manual to determine when service is needed and how much air should be added to the tires to improve your gas mileage and how well the car operates.

When changing your oil, use the recommended motor oil to prevent friction, which can cause the engine to work harder than necessary and will lead to more fuel that is burned.

Inspect the Gas Cap Seal

Many drivers fail to inspect their gas cap seal, but it's important to check if the rubber seal has worn down over time, which can cause air to enter the tank and will lead to more fuel burning as the car operates. You may need to replace the seal every few years, which is an inexpensive and easy fix that doesn't require the help of a professional. Visit an auto parts store or the dealership to obtain a new seal, which is an average of $30 to replace. Keep in mind that vehicles have sensors that are built in, which means that the car may not recognize the part if you purchase it from somewhere else other than the dealer.

Drive Slower

Efficient Hyundai Elantra Rear

The more that you accelerate on the road, the more fuel that you burn, which makes it necessary to drive within the speed limit and take your time getting around. The vehicle will also burn more fuel when driving at speeds higher than 60 mph. Consider taking side streets to get around to save more money on fuel each month. You can also coast when reaching stop signs and stop lights to avoid punching the accelerator. If you plan to take a long drive while traveling, opt for using cruise control to maintain a safe and legal speed without having to match the same speed as the car ahead of you. You'll also use the acceleration and brake less with cruise control turned on for additional savings.

Reduce Excess Weight

Driving with excess items in the car may be convenient at times, but will also cost you more in fuel. Clean out your vehicle and remove any items that aren't used frequently and can be stored in your garage. The extra weight that is in the vehicle will cause the engine to work harder to operate, especially when tackling steep inclines or driving at a higher speed. Keep your car clean on a continuous basis by unloading anything that is in the trunk or the rear of the vehicle to improve your MPG.

We invite you to contact or visit our dealership today to learn more about how to maximize your car's MPG this year and make it more economical. Our team is here to provide you with more information and can assist you in browsing our extensive inventory of cars at our location.

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