While it might seem a bit out of the ordinary for Hyundai, they recently partnered with designer Emma Mulholland to create a jacket that encompasses the boldness and beauty of the Veloster model lineup. The jacket is double-sided to show the different sides of the Veloster. The concept of the jacket began as a social media talk within Bauer Media. Once the idea was narrowed down, the search was on for the designer that could make this idea a reality. Emma Mulholland was ready to take on the challenge, and she went above and beyond to create a jacket that would represent Hyundai and the Veloster.

On one side of the Veloster jacket, a pinstripe in shades of red represents the business and serious side of the Veloster. With the red-lined interior of the vehicle, this is the perfect fit. If you know about the hidden third door of the Veloster, then you'll love finding out that the jacket even has its hidden pocket. When you look at the other side of the jacket, you notice that there is a bit more to it. A sun is shown passing a relay baton to the moon. Black and yellow accents are done in a way that reflects the two-tone roof of the Veloster. Speed-stripes on the sleeves show how peppy and sporty this vehicle can be. Once the jacket was completed, a photoshoot was organized using the services of Juliet Taylor of Pool Collective.

While the Veloster is very much a sports car, there is still a very conservative and professional side that's good for everyday driving. This jacket by Mulholland shows these two sides. If you would like to hear more about Hyundai's double-sided Veloster jacket or you would like to learn more about the Hyundai lineup of vehicles, stop down to Reliable Hyundai.

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