How Defog Your Windows

Fogged up windows are more than an inconvenience: they can be dangerous if your vehicle is moving. This condition happens for multiple reasons such as iciness, rain and humidity. The temperature influences how much fog shows up on the windows, and based on the conditions, you will respond with a different approach.

Chilly Outside?

Cold weather can cause fog to form on the inside of your windows. This is caused by trapped moisture inside your car responding to outside temperatures. You’ll want to lower the temperature on the thermometer as fast as possible or you might flip the switch for the defrost vent. Important to note, you shouldn't turn the heat on too because you want the temperature to lower fast. You can open the window as well to quickly defog your windshield.

You can also use the heater to handle the fog in a more comfortable fashion if you don't have an emergency. This method manages the moisture inside the vehicle. You will want the air vents focused on blowing hot air over the windshield. Skip the recirculate feature if you have it. You want to push the humid air outside of the vehicle.

What About Defogging in the Summer Months?

To eliminate the fog on the windshield over the warmer seasons, you first have to understand the reasons for the fog on the windshield. This especially happens when the air outside has humidity in it. With low humidity on the inside of the car and a high level of humidity on the outside, this means that you have to reverse your technique for chilly weather. One of the things that you can do under these circumstances is to turn on the windshield wipers, but that might be overkill. You could also turn off the air conditioning or flip the heat on low. However, when it's humid out this won't be comfortable. In some cases, you're better off cranking down the windows for a short time to eliminate the fog.

How to Defog the Windows When It's Rainy?

The pounding rain can fog your windows as well, which can turn especially dangerous because you have to fight with the fog and the rain droplets to see anything. You might use a window cleaner to handle this problem with Invisible Glass or Rain-X window cleaner. These products use a special formula to keep fog from forming. If needed, you can find these products at your local parts shop or a local department store. Keeping your windows clean goes a long way to helping you see when there are foggy windows as you wouldn’t have to battle fog and dirt at the same time.

These are methods that you can use to defog the windows of your car. If you can't see all the sudden, you may want to try out one of these methods. If you have any questions about handling this or any other safe driving challenges call or visit our dealership for more tips.