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Don't Let Hackers Take Over Your Car

Some very scary realities have grown up around the modern smart vehicle revolution. Connectivity, apps, and state of the art technology have certainly improved the quality of our vehicles and the way that we interact and use them on a daily basis, but the dark side of this revolution is the phenomenon of car hacking. Car hacking means exactly the way it sounds. Hackers are able to tap into your vehicle's connected technologies and computers and sometimes steal information, locate your vehicle for theft, open your car doors and steal things out of the car, or sometimes even affect safety features that you and your family depend on. Hyundai vehicles aren't immune to possible hacking attempts, but the bright side is that it's possible to fight back against these attempts to harm your vehicle's computer systems.

How To Prevent Car Hacking

If you own a Hyundai, there are tons of ways to protect yourself against possible hacking attempts. Remember that hacking attempts don't just go after your WiFi systems and personal information to target you for ads, cause disruption in your vehicle's apps, or steal your identity. They can also affect the safety systems and components of your vehicle that are reliant on microcomputers to function properly.

How To Fight Back

  1. Firewalls: Firewalls protect your phones and home computers, too, but they can also be invaluable in the fight against car hackers. Simply use a manufacturer recommended firewall to fight back.

  2. Bluetooth control: Use your Bluetooth devices wisely! When you're not using Bluetooth at all, make sure that it is disabled. If you leave Bluetooth on while you're not using it, it can suffer from data attacks. Don't let hackers pull this trick on you!

  3. USB Devices: Never just plug any old USB device into a USB port in your car. When you plug that device in, make sure to scan the drives to make sure that they're clear of possible viruses or security glitches. Don't leave your USB ports open to attack.

  4. Software Maintenance: Your software that you use in your vehicle needs to be updated frequently, on a regular schedule. Usually a software will let you know when it needs to be updated, or you can simply turn on automatic updates. This is especially true of software recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer! It's your manufacturer that knows your computer systems the best. Don't let them be attacked because you failed to keep up with software updates that provided valuable security tools. Always be one step ahead of hackers by keeping your software up to date!

  5. WiFi passwords: Having a WiFi password is always, always a must. And make sure that you hide these passwords. Don't broadcast them. These should be relatively simple steps to take, and it may seem like it doesn't amount to a whole lot, but you could be protecting your entire vehicle's functionality just by hiding that WiFi password. Don't transmit information to hackers. Hide it!

Learn More About Protecting Your Hyundai From Hackers

Hackers don't look for any specific brand of vehicle. They will attack any vehicle that is transmitting information or leaving itself open to attack. They want information. They want control. Make sure that you're one of the wise people who refuses to be the victim of a hacker attack. Contact Reliable Hyundai today to learn more about how you can protect your beloved Hyundai from car hacking. Our team will be glad to sit down with you and answer questions or take your questions over the phone.

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