2018 Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai shoppers can celebrate the 2018 Hyundai Elantra safety rating at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This small sedan earned so many good ratings that it was named a Top Safety Pick Plus. For commuters and families in the market for the right ride, this should offer peace of mind.

The build of the Elantra helps it repel collision intrusions. It has crumple zones that catch impact up front or in the rear. To protect the driver, there's a knee airbag and an energy-absorbing steering column. A bigger blanket of airbags surround the front passengers and rear outboard passengers. The IIHS testing looked at all of these systems when it gave the Elantra good in most crash categories.

More and more, safety experts are focusing on visibility problems. Hyundai is working on this issue from many angles. Most trims provide a rearview camera, which reduces stress during reverse maneuvers. In another example, heated side mirrors eliminate moisture with the push of a button, ensuring a better view for drivers.

Hyundai puts a blind spot mirror on the driver's side of the SE edition, and it upgrades that to the electronic blind spot monitoring system on all other models. A lane change assist adds audible warnings. Using the same technology, a rear cross-traffic alert seeks to prevent collisions in parking lots.

The IIHS is concerned about headlight issues. Hyundai does its part with the available automatic high beams. It also offers exclusive bending lights which move the beam with the car's trajectory. You can see more of your car's actual path. These headlights received the top score of good from the IIHS.

Of course, crash avoidance is a big focus of today's safety campaigns. Once again, Hyundai can proudly say that its systems were given an IIHS superior rating. This covers the low-speed and high-speed autobrake with the forward collision warning. These available features now include a pedestrian watch. Another important high-tech feature is the lane assist which responds to a lane departure warning.

Handling plays a big role in keeping the Elantra out of harm's way. Drivers benefit from electronic systems that regulate stability and traction. Brake redistribution helps the wheels grip the road and gives you peace of mind when cornering at highway speeds. Motor-driven power steering helps the Elantra driver feel more confident at every turn.

Elantras offer many other advantages besides safety. The sedan has some best-in-class features that pamper the driver. A power chair is more useful with its memory settings. This seat can power back when you reach your destination, making it easier to depart from the car. At the end of your visit, you can push the memory button and return your seat to a comfortable driving position.

Favorable pricing makes it easier to afford the Elantra you want. Value is furthered by the long ten-year automotive warranty. This best-in-the-business coverage beats others by four or five years. Roadside assistance, free for five years, offers even more peace of mind.

Catch the 2018 Hyundai Elantra now at Reliable Hyundai. Take a test drive and check out the car's exciting dash tech, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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