Hyundai Blue Link

In-car technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Gone are the days when you were forced to flip through the FM stations to find someone to listen to or had to stop somewhere to ask for directions. Technology has completely changed almost every aspect of our lives, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that it has also impacted the way we interact with our vehicles. In this sense, Hyundai Blue Link is a natural continuation of this trend, which enables drivers to integrate their vehicle and their smartphone together in a number of handy ways.

Introducing Hyundai’s Blue Link Connected Car Service

Hyundai Blue Link provides a huge number of advantages to drivers. The system allows you to connect to your vehicle through your smartphone or other mobile device via the MyHyundai mobile app. Once connected, drivers can then use their device as a remote control to turn their car on and off, lock and unlock the doors and adjust the internal climate control settings.

Available for both Apple and Android, the MyHyundai app also enables drivers to view vehicle health reports to see if there are any maintenance issues that need to be taken care of. Hyundai Blue Link also gives you the ability to schedule maintenance alerts to ensure you never again forget to get your vehicle serviced regularly. In this sense, Blue Link can help to extend the life of your vehicle by making it easy for you to keep it properly maintained, serviced and repaired.

Hyundai Blue Link also works with your vehicle’s GPS unit to allow you to instantly pinpoint your vehicle’s location on a map. This means no matter having to wander around the parking lot aimlessly because you forgot where you parked. Simply pull up the app on your phone and follow the map to find your car. This same function also enables Blue Link to assist law enforcement in finding your vehicle should someone ever steal it or take it for a joyride without your permission.

Parents can also take advantage of this function to make sure their teenage drivers are where they say they’re going to be. In fact, Hyundai Blue Link actually provides a number of handy functions sure to come in handy for parents of teen drivers. With the geofencing, speed limit and curfew functions, parents can automatically receive alerts if their child leaves a designated area, drives too fast or stays out later than they should.

Blue Link also comes in handy in case of an accident. If you are ever in a crash and the airbags deploy, the system will instantly contact emergency services for you. There is also a built-in SOS button that you can use to contact emergency services any time 24/7.

See Blue Link in Action on Any New 2018 Hyundai Vehicle

Blue Link is available on all new Hyundai vehicles and most later-model pre-owned models as well. However, not all of the Blue Link features and functions are available on every model.

All new Hyundai vehicles include a complimentary subscription to Blue Link for three full years from the date of purchase. This enables you more than enough time to decide whether you want to renew your subscription later on. Of course, you’ll also want to check it all out before you decide what vehicle to purchase. Therefore, we wish to invite you to stop by Reliable Hyundai in Springfield, MO, where you can take any of our vehicles for a test drive and see Blue Link in action for yourself.

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