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Judging by recent sales statistics, it seems that the age of the gas-guzzling SUV is long behind us. Instead, most consumers are now more focused on conditions such as safety and fuel efficiency, and this growing consumer demand has led to some massive developments in fuel economy over the past few years. As a result, the average vehicle is now more fuel efficient than ever before according to the most recent 2017 EPA CO2 and Fuel Economy Trends Report.

However, no other automaker comes close to competing with the gains made by Hyundai over the last year, as the Korean manufacturer boasted an average fuel economy improvement of 1.3 miles per gallon. This is compared to the industry average gain of 0.1 miles per gallon. Furthermore, Hyundai’s average rating of 28.8 miles per gallon was the second-best rating in the entire industry, which indicates that drivers primarily concerned with fuel efficiency definitely need to take a look at the 2018 lineup available at Reliable Hyundai in Springfield, MO.

Hyundai’s Commitment to Fuel Efficiency

The recent EPA report indicates that Hyundai is leading the way forward in terms of eco-friendly automotive technology. Improvements in turbocharging and gasoline-direct fuel injection have helped to ensure that all new Hyundai vehicles are among the most efficient vehicles currently on the road. The brand's growing lineup of hybrids and electric vehicles are further pushing the envelope.

One good example is the Hyundai Sonata, which is available with three different powertrain configurations—gasoline-only, gasoline-electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Although the 2018 Sonata already owns an impressive EPA-estimated 37 mpg rating, it still does not compete with the 45-mpg rating offered on the Sonata Hybrid.

Of course, nothing compares with the efficiency of the new Hyundai Ioniq, which is the first vehicle in the world to come available with three different electric powertrain configurations. Choose between the Ioniq Hybrid, Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid, and Ioniq EV electric vehicle and be rewarded with industry-leading efficiency no matter what your preference. In fact, the Ioniq Hybrid recently took the title as the most fuel-efficient hybrid available in the United States thanks to its EPA-estimated rating of 58 mpg.

The fact that Hyundai had the second-best overall fuel economy ratings in the most recent EPA report means you will still enjoy outstanding efficiency no matter which new Hyundai you choose. The company has recently announced that it plans on releasing at least 18 new eco-friendly models by the year 2025, but this does not mean that you will need to wait to get behind the wheel of a fuel-efficient Hyundai. At Reliable Hyundai, we have an immense number of new and pre-owned vehicles that are sure to appeal to any and all drivers. We would like to invite you to stop by our Springfield dealership to check out the entire lineup today!

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